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What are slots?

Online slots and their advantages

Nowadays online slots are considered one of the most popular gambling entertainment. An ordinary online casino can offer huge variety of different slots from classical to ultra-modern with functional symbols, realistic 3D graphics and bonus rounds. So, not only beginners but also experienced gamers are sometimes lost in such diversity and do not know which one to choose. Let's take a look to this matter and try to figure out what are online slots and which one is the best choice for you.

Slot is a machine that allows to win an amount greater than the bet amount. It involves launching the reels in order to create a winning combination of symbols. There are few categories of slots according to different criteria. Two main categories are classical and video slots.

Classical ones have 3-5 reels with traditional symbols like sevens, fruits, cards suits etc. Often they contain from 1 to 5 paylines.

Video slots are modern, multifunctional, thematic machines. They operate based on special software and the mechanics has nothing to do with the spin of the reels. Sometimes, there are no reels at all, they are replaced by other forms to make the game original and unusual. Video slots are equipped with excellent high quality video and audio effects, modern plots and multiple paylines. These slots are plenty of bonus rounds and special symbols, which make the game more diverse and exciting. Good example is Eternal Love Slot. Dark gothic graphics and plot make you feel as one of the heroes of famous Twilight Saga.

One more distinctive feature of online slots is quantity of reels. There are slots with 5, 7 and 9 reels.

The most popular are slots with 5 reels. Even though they have only 5 reels, these slot machines offer fascinating themed games with exciting stories and adventures, like Enchanted Garden. Fairy princess, fireflies and scattered gardens will not only bring you in the atmosphere of fairytale but also help you earn valuable money prizes as well mind-blowing jackpot.

Online slots and their advantages

Five reel slots offer players a lot of different bonus games. They are also famous with wild and scatter symbols that trigger additional free spins.

Slots with 7 reels are not that much popular since they appeared relatively recently. The rules are not very different too but you have to be aware and familiarize with the table of payments. Usually, there are up to 10 paylines and they do not have special symbols.

Online slots with nine reels are the newest invention in this industry. Their distinctive feature is that the paylines are not only horizontal, but also diagonal.

Another classification is based on the quantity of paylines. The payline is the line with winning combination of symbols. The more paylines - the greater the chance to win. Modern slot machines offers from 1 to 100 paylines placed not only horizontally, but also vertically and diagonally. You can choose the number of lines involved during the game and that number of lines will determine the number of bets. In order to make the right choice and calculate your bets, it is necessary to check the table of payments before you start the game.

Online slots and their advantages

For instance, Cash Bandits has 5 traditional reels and 25 paylines. This game gives you an opportunity to select a quantity of paylines to play and amount to play per line. So, it is up to you to make a minimum bet or to try your chance and make a maximum bet using all 25 paylines.

We have looked through the main categories and now let’s clear out the advantages of online slots in comparison to usual slot machines that make more and more people prefer the first ones.

Why online slots become so popular?

Actually, it is quite easy to explain such popularity. The main advantage is that no one but you yourself can see how much you lost or won. You will not be distracted by the reaction of others and their advices.

There is one more advantage which attracts gamers to slots online. It's a possibility of free game. If ordinary slot machines do not allow demo mode at all, then with online slots, the situation is completely different.

Demo mode is actually the same video slot as the one used for the game with real bets. So, anyone who is interested in the opportunity to play slot machines for free, gets access to a full version of the selected video slot and can make money bets, like any other player. The only difference between the demo and the regular game is that the winnings cannot be cashed.